The Decision is Up to EU


09 May 2016
By the time you read this, the referendum to remain or leave the European Union will almost be upon us and, whilst I am not here to persuade you one way or the other, I think there is no doubt that whatever the result, it is likely to have an impact of some sort on our industry.

On the one hand, you can argue that our industry suffers from too much red tape and perhaps leaving the union will free us all from bureaucracy – or will it simply take us back to a more unregulated, less safe industry?
On the other, will we lose the major global investment that we receive in part because we are an English-speaking gateway to such a large market – or will that investment still come because we are the fifth largest economy in our own right?

​As I say, I leave you to decide.

One thing for sure though is that we will still occupy buildings in the UK … and they will still need heating, cooling and ventilating.


​There is therefore still a healthy market for the skills only our industry can supply, whether that is through delivering air conditioning or renewable heating and this is where it still pays to keep oneself up-to-date with new products, new refrigerants and new legislation.

As a manufacturer we try to play our part whether that is by producing over 60 free, CPD-accredited guides to legislation or technology (which can be downloaded at our dedicated digital library (, or putting on numerous training courses around the country for air conditioning and heat pump installers and designers.

We’re also developing Apps and online tools that make specifying, commissioning and diagnostics easier for anyone out in the field and work hard with our colleagues in our factories to make sure that the products we sell and support deliver the reliability and performance you would expect.

Whatever the outcome on 23 June, we will all still be here so make sure you are armed and prepared for whatever the result is.
Ben Bartle-Ross - Mitsubishi Electric
Ben Bartle-Ross - Mitsubishi Electric
Ben Bartle-Ross is a trainer at Mitsubishi Electric.  If you have any comments on this column of any other training issue contact him by email: [email protected].
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