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27 October 2016
​As a responsible manufacturer, we provide extensive training on our equipment and have a technical help desk available to advise engineers when they are on site.
​This dedicated team is based in our Manchester office and one of the things I’ve noticed when speaking to them about areas I should focus on in the training I give, is the number of calls they get from engineers who could have found the information quicker than the time it takes to make a phone call.

​We have developed a number of Apps and Tools designed to provide answers to the more straightforward questions that you as an engineer will face on site.

​Our ME Engineer App is designed specifically to resolve straightforward questions about installation, dip-switch settings, thermistor values, etc. and because you carry it round with you on your smartphone, it can get you the answer you need far quicker than needing to call the help desk.
​The App has been designed by engineers for engineers and provides access to all the latest important service and installation data for our complete range of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and controls.

We love calls to our help desk and when you are out on a job and have a deeply technical issue you need to resolve, then you need to speak to an expert – and you want to be able to get through on the phone as quickly as possible.

My point though is that if you use the tools and Apps we have developed, you will 1) solve your issue quicker and 2) leave the help desk free for someone with a more complex issue that does need our technical experts to answer.

We try to make our equipment as straightforward to install, commission and operate as possible but these are highly engineered pieces of equipment so we know there will be questions and queries.

But if my colleagues at the help desk are noticing that they are getting calls about fairly straightforward queries, then it’s probably worth reiterating the point about the Apps.

You can download the ME Engineer App on Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices so that it can be used offline and it includes a refrigerant calculation tool for both the Splits and City Multi air conditioning systems, as well as a spare parts look up facility and a fault code finder for all available products with full description, cause and check procedures.

We can also update the content within minutes so you will always have the latest technical support, right in your hand – and the ‘favourites’ options, means you can set the App to instantly show the most used functions directly on start up.

As a responsible manufacturer, we are always looking for ways to make your job easier out on site and over the next few months I want to use this column to focus on some of the other reoccurring issues that our help desk have noticed to see how we can help you more. 

In the meantime, if you have any helpful thoughts on what else we can do to improve our Apps, please get in touch.
Ben Bartle-Ross is a trainer at Mitsubishi Electric. If you have any comments on this column of any other training issue contact him by email: [email protected].
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