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10 September 2015
Ben Bartle-Ross, Technical Trainer, Mitsubishi Electric - acr journalBen Bartle-Ross
These days almost everyone has a smartphone of some description and most manufacturers are aware of this and are developing Apps that aim to help engineers answer queries or get the information they need at their fingertips whilst they are out in ‘the field’, working on live projects.

By Ben Bartle-Ross, Technical Trainer, Mitsubishi Electric

Whether it’s a list of fault codes or access to wiring diagrams, product information sheets, or heat load calculators, you could be forgiven for thinking that the day is fast approaching when there will be no more need for a classroom-type environment for real ‘hands-on’ learning.

And you couldn’t be more wrong in the opinion of this engineer and trainer.

Apps and downloadable information can be incredibly useful when you are on a job, and can save the time needed to call a helpline (although I do recommend speaking to a real person from time to time!). 

They can allow you to get the answer to a straightforward question, quickly and concisely, but they should only ever be seen as another ‘tool’ in the toolbox. 

There simply isn’t an App anywhere yet invented that can replace the knowledge gained in the training centres and colleges, and backed up with on the job experience working with qualified colleagues.  

There is real value in sharing knowledge and gaining from others that cannot be gained in any other way than face to face.

That is why manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric run so many training courses, and why we have invested in training centres in our regional offices, and why we are linking with more and more colleges, and why we have developed a National Apprenticeship Scheme with our partners.

Like any other piece of modern equipment, air conditioning is very sophisticated and, once correctly set up, often includes self-diagnostics that will ensure it continues to run efficiently and effectively between annual maintenance checks.

But you do need to know how to set the thing up correctly in the first place and this is simply not something that can be done only on a smartphone.
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