Solar PV supports CDL's green ambitions


25 July 2023

Air conditioning distributor Cool Designs Ltd (CDL) has installed an array of 132 solar PV panels on the rooftop of its UK headquarters in Gateshead.

The installation has the capacity to produce around 39,148kWh of renewable, carbon-free electricity a year, saving an estimated 9,126kg of CO2 emissions.

The PV system will power on-site electric vehicle chargers and support heating and cooling for the building via heat pumps, further enhancing the carbon reduction by harnessing the renewable energy benefits of the high efficiency HVAC system.

CDL says it was the first UK air conditioning distributor to be certified carbon neutral in 2011 and the first to put measures in place to prevent sales of air conditioning equipment to companies not qualified to handle refrigerants. 

Darrel Birkett, CDL's founder and managing director, said: "The PV installation in Gateshead is the latest step in an ongoing programme of environmental initiatives that began two decades ago.

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"Throughout our development, a guiding light has been to grow responsibly. We have expanded significantly over the years, but it was never 'growth at all costs'. At each step we have taken time to consider how our actions impacted the local area and wider environment, and the opportunities and costs for everyone involved."

The company recently changed its main net zero partner to the Woodland Trust. "We wanted to approach the problem from a slightly different angle. The Woodland Trust uses established carbon emission assessments, and plants trees here in the UK rather than using global projects. Carbon is offset through the growth of the trees as they capture carbon from the atmosphere, which aligns with our original thinking when we first set out on this path."

This year the company has supported the planting of 1,722 native trees in the UK, equating to the removal of 323 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

A further roll-out of PV is being evaluated for CDL's latest branch, due to open soon in the North West.