Futureproof vacuum pumps for today’s engineers


18 August 2022

Vacuum pumps are as synonymous with the HVAC industry as Paddington is with marmalade. But while there’s no way you could improve on Paddington, vacuum pumps continue to get better all the time.

As the invention dates back to 1647 (thank you Otto Von Guericke), you’d expect that; however, did you know the vacuum pump, together with the pendulum clock, telescope, thermometer, barometer and microscope, are all 17th century inventions that have had a profound impact on experimental science (source: Museum of History, Technology, Science and Medicine at the University of Leeds)? No, nor did we. We do know that today’s vacuum pump, which is a rotary vane pump, is an indispensable tool on every HVAC engineer’s van. 

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum pump, then take a look at the range from JAVAC, part of the Aspen Pumps Group, as part of your research. We have six pumps in our portfolio and there’ll be one to suit your needs and your budget, but if you’re short on time, let me introduce you to our best sellers: the CC series and Bulldog A2L.

CC Series A2L – High Performance A2L range

If you are looking for high performance at a competitive price, then look no further than the new CC A2L range of vacuum pumps. Building on the success of our best-selling CC series, the CC series A2L has retained all the performance qualities of previous models but added new features that will support engineers even more.

All the pumps are now future proof with their sparkproof switches and hard-wired 5m lead, making them suitable for use on A2L systems. Dual voltage comes as standard and the new solenoid valve protects the vacuum inside a system if there is any power loss to the unit and, more importantly protects the engineer’s time on site as the process does not need to be restarted.

There are five pumps in the range: CC-31-A2L, CC-141-A2L, CC-141AMM ,CC-231-A2L and CC-231AMM, which are exclusive to JAVAC. The CC-31-A2L, the smallest pump in the range, only weighs 4.5Kg, ideal for domestic and automotive applications. The best-selling CC-141-A2L at 5.3CFM has got you covered for the vast majority of jobs whether you’re installing a wall-mounted unit or commissioning a VRV/VRF system. The CC-231-A2L is the heavy duty pump in the series and really packs a punch. It weighs in at 14.8kg and, with an air displacement of 9 CFM, this is all the pump you need for large commercial and industrial applications. 
*The CC-141AMM and CC-231AMM are suitable for use with ammonia.

Bulldog – built to last, built to deliver

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With the changeover to A2L/R32 refrigerant, it’s vital that engineers have the tools to do their jobs safely. Bulldog, the latest addition to the JAVAC range, has been designed specifically to deal with mildly flammable gas safely. As its name suggests, this vacuum pump’s stocky and robust build makes it highly stable, so it’s hard to wobble or tip over, and it’s safe during transportation and on-site set up.

Unlike other vacuum pumps, which can project an oil mist onto equipment during operation, Bulldog’s unique anti-oil demister prevents any oil from escaping during vacuuming, keeping the area clean. Should there be a loss of power, then the isolation solenoid valve ensures long vacuums are protected, so there’ll never be a need to restart the process.

Also unique to Bulldog is its dual connector; there are two hose fittings (1/4” fitting for standard gases and 3/8” fitting for heavy duty hoses) reducing engineers’ time on site. Its sealed, sparkproof switch makes it an attractive product to engineers as many customers now demand sparkproof equipment when dealing with AL/R32 refrigerant. This two-stage oil-sealed vacuum pump, with high vacuum as low as 1.5 microns, should be a staple on every engineer’s van. 

With years of engineering and servicing experience, JAVAC are the go-to experts for engineers who need advice, guidance and recommendations for products that are A2L/R32 ready. 

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