Pilgrims progress with Toshiba VRF


04 November 2020
Boston United's new Jakemans Community Stadium

A high efficiency VRF air conditioning system from Toshiba has been installed at Boston United’s new  stadium.

The Super Heat Recovery Multi (SHRM-e) solution, installed by Formost Air Conditioning, will provide comfort in the west stand at the Jakemans Community Stadium.

Facilities include a banqueting room, lounge, boardroom, community hub and four hospitality suites, all air conditioned with a combination of Toshiba SHRM-e systems linked to the company’s VN heat recovery fresh air ventilation units.

Heat recovery VN units connect the VRF system to reduce heating and cooling load

The VN systems harness energy from exhaust air to pre-condition incoming fresh air, integrating with the heat recovery VRF system to create a total building solution. Use of the VN units reduces the cooling and heating load and the overall size of the system required, saving energy and reducing capital costs.

“The aim is to give our fans the best ground we can,” said David Newton, Boston United chairman. “Providing a comfortable indoor climate for visitors and their guests is a key part of the experience.”

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The Pilgrims’ new stadium is being built to Football League standards (the team currently plays in National League North) with increased capacity of over 5,000. It will provide a range of community, sports, education and training programs, plus in due course a sports hall and an all-weather 3G pitch for community use.

An outdoor unit for Toshiba’s award-winning SHRMe system

“We positioned the outdoor condensing units installed at either end of the new stadium, with plenty of space for connections and access,” said Simon Murphy, who headed the installation for Formost Air Conditioning. “Toshiba offers a great combination of quality, reliability and competitive pricing. We have been installing Toshiba air conditioning equipment for many years, ever since we were established, and it is a brand we can always trust to perform and do a great job.”

The new stadium is part of the area’s wider Quadrant development, which includes housing, a hotel, petrol station, a care home and retail units.

More details on Toshiba's Super Digital Inverter system are available here.