Panasonic is community choice


24 January 2023

A community centre in Kent has turned to an energy efficient Panasonic system to provide sustainable heating and cooling.

Specialist contractor Phoenix ACR replaced a 1960s oil-fired system with a Panasonic R32 split system, inncluding 4 20kW PACi outdoor units and 11 PACi NX Elite wall-mounted indoor units with nanoe X technology.
The new system needed to meet the needs of the entire community centre, covering the main hall, bar area and reception area. Each section required units suited to the individual area, which could seamlessly combine and function under a single control system. 
The PACi NX Elite range was specified by Nathan Bell, managing director of Phoenix ACR, who said: “We have worked with Panasonic a lot in the past, so we knew its range was the best to deliver the efficiency, reliability and value for money that was key to this installation. The energy-saving design and high efficiency makes the Panasonic units ideal for this project.

"The PACi NX Elite range allows a great amount of flexibility in design and install, which was crucial to ensuring we could adapt to the needs of each room, providing the perfect solution for the customer. The addition of nanoe X technology, which inhibits viruses and bacteria, was a key benefit of the Panasonic units, to help provide a better indoor environment for the community centre staff and its users in a post-pandemic world.” 
Facilities trustee of Kemsley Community Centre, David Grawler, said: “It is so important that we provide a sustainable future for our community. Phoenix ACR recommended this solution, and we are very happy with how it meets our energy efficiency needs.

"With our old system, if we hired out a single room, we would end up having to heat the entire building. The new Panasonic system allows us to control all units as one for the entire building but also enables us isolate the individual spaces, adding a new way for us to function in a more energy efficient way, without having to compromise on comfort.” 
The PACi NX Standard and PACi NX Elite ranges have SEER ratings of A++ and SCOP ratings of A+ and A++ at 10kW respectively. Both provide slim, lightweight and compact designs. The PACi Elite is said to offer greater design flexibility, making it adaptable to various building types and size. 

Kemsley Community Centre has a touch screen centralised controller installed behind the bar, allowing the management of the entire system from a single point. Additionally, the system utilises WI-FI adaptors which connects the units to the Panasonic Comfort Cloud app, allowing for remote management and monitoring of the multiple air conditioning units required for this project. 

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The units came with nanoe X technology as standard, a unique and proven technology to help improve air hygiene by preventing transmission of airborne pathogens, to create a safer and healthier indoor environment. nanoe X works independently from the heating and cooling operation when the unit is in fan mode.  

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