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16 October 2015
Jenny Boucher and Gary Hall from TQ Environmental - ACR Journal
Jenny Boucher and Gary Hall from TQ Environmental
This month, Will Hawkins, went to see Jenny Boucher and Gary Hall at TQ Environmental, the leak detection experts in Wakefield, to learn about their history and their future.

TQ Environmental has been in business for 25 years designing, creating and installing its gas leak detection system onto ships, hotels, factories or retails stores. Anywhere, in fact, that uses systems containing refrigerants or other gases which could cause harm to humans or equipment if they leak and it went undetected. 

The business started out selling other company's products mainly into the marine sector. When customers starting asking them for solutions which didn't exist but were in demand, they started making their own products. The shipping sector tends to order five years ahead in US dollars which made for interesting challenges dealing with currency exchange changes. Furthermore, relying on the shipping industry entirely made the business vulnerable to downturns in the sector. 


​Understandably, TQ Environmental decided to diversify their business into land-based markets to ensure their business could survive. Niches included refrigerants, such as leak detection for applications using ammonia. 

Retail refrigeration is an important sector for the business which includes leak detection for Morrisons across the UK. TQ has trials happening in other UK supermarkets too.

TQ Environmental has grown in spite of the recent recession, in part due to their work with some of the large supermarkets who installed leak detection into their stores. 

The hotel industry is another sector where Gary and Jenny are developing their business. Leak detection is an increasingly interesting sector where customers want to look after their guests' safety. Detecting refrigerant leaks from the air conditioning systems gives hotel owners peace of mind that they are providing the best environment they can.

But, hotel rooms have particular challenges with refrigerants. Many deodorants, for example, use R410A as the propellant and so TQ puts leak detection systems under beds to avoid false alarms.


Gary Hall and the service team at TQ Environmental - ACR Journal
Gary Hall and the service team at TQ Environmental
​TQ's skills and experience are so developed that the business is now servicing their competitors' leak detection equipment too.

Given the amount of servicing they do for customers as part of their contracts, Jenny and Gary hired a technical expert to manage their service business. As a result, their service business doubled and they hired another service manager to handle the amount of business. 

The company looks and feels set to continue its success. TQ is part of a 'Growth Accelerator Scheme' to help Jenny and Gary move the business forward. And, they are hiring apprentices too to help them pass the skills and experience on from their loyal employees to the next generation of leak detection experts. 

TQ Environmental has a strong pedigree in its field. Despite their low key, unassuming nature, Jenny and Gary have forcefully changed the business to secure its future by being laser focused on their strengths and how they can help their customers. 
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