Opteon™ XL: the safe side of sustainability


16 December 2021


Peace of mind – for professionals and homeowners

Low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants are far less impactful in terms of greenhouse effects than their counterparts of yesterday, but there is a catch - some also carry significant safety risks, including higher flammability, toxicity, or greater potential to form explosive concentrations. Many consumers are aware of the negative impact of CFC and HFC gasses but may not consider that alternatives, often sold on their green credentials, actually may trade one problem for another. 

Opteon™ XL low-GWP A2L-class refrigerants represent a safer solution, and are inherently more inert than A3-class Hydrocarbon alternatives, offering an environmentally friendly option that enhances safety for Heat Pump installers and homeowners alike. 

Safety without compromise

The Opteon™ XL range makes no compromise between safety and sustainability – recognising that the well-being of customers and the environment are of equal importance. When compared to common A3 alternatives, A2L refrigerants such as Opteon™ XL20 and Opteon™ XL41 are typically four times less likely to form flammable concentrations, safely enabling larger charge sizes for greater application ranges. Furthermore, they are about 2,000 times harder to ignite, and release five times less energy in case of ignition, making them safer to use with common electrical components, and significantly reducing the impact, should an unlikely accident occur. 

In light of these numbers, implementing safer A2L refrigerants requires little justification. Heat Pump manufacturers, installers, and maintenance partners all benefit from working with a safer refrigerant, and can relay this dedication to quality, safety and sustainability to their clients.

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A jack of all trades

In addition to its inherently safer properties, Opteon™ XL also boasts versatility in applications across heat pump systems. 

Thanks to their versatility and thermodynamic performance, Opteon™ XL refrigerants can contribute to decreasing both emissions and lifecycle costs, by improving system performance. This translates to higher Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP), a wider ambient operating temperate range, and higher flow-temperatures for sanitary water, allowing for greater overall performance of Heat Pump installations. They enhance the potential to further reduce energy consumption in residential heating and cooling applications and ultimately decrease total CO₂ emissions. 

A trusted partner

For over 200 years, Chemours has proudly created a legacy of safety, innovation and progress. It was in this spirit that we pioneered the development of our low-GWP refrigerant portfolio, including the Opteon™ XL range.

To demonstrate the key advantages of the Opteon™ XL A2L refrigerants, we’ve put together a short film with analysis and insights from a flammability expert. The film was produced in a simulated retail refrigeration environment, but the conclusions about safety risk mitigation are also very insightful for heat pump manufacturers, installers and maintenance professionals.

Watch the video here.