New lease of life for warehouse


04 January 2023

A derelict warehouse in Sevenoaks has been transformed into a modern co-working space with the help of an energy efficient heating and cooling system from Panasonic.
Installer Mid-Tech Services worked with TJK Builders on the project at LIME TREE WORK SHOP, where a Panasonic PACi split system was specified, along with a range of Panasonic indoor units to ensure maximum comfort is achieved in each of the different areas of the historic building.

Spread over 4,500 square feet, the venue offers a flexible co-working environment, with communal coworking spaces, lounge areas, meeting rooms and offices. The ground floor even doubles as a hireable events space during evenings and weekends.

Providing the best air quality and climate control was identified to be crucial to curating a comfortable and safe environment and successful business. The space needed a flexible heating and cooling system, with a wide range of units which could adapt to the different individual spaces within the building, all whilst performing to the highest energy efficiency. 
The open plan communal areas were fitted with two 25 kW three phase Panasonic PACi Elite R32 outdoor split units with four ducted fan coil units spread across the ground and first floor. The extension at the rear of the building had two PACi NX Standard twin split units connected to four 4-Way Cassette indoor units across the two floors. Finally, four offices and two meeting rooms are installed with a 2.5kW FZ wall mounted unit and one with a 3.5kW, to provide complete flexibility of heating and cooling to suit the individual areas.

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The ducted fan coil and cassette units all came with nanoe X technology, which can improve indoor air quality by inhibiting the transmission of certain airborne viruses and bacteria indoors.
Sam Dewey, of Mid-Tech Services, said: “We specified the Panasonic PACi Elite range as its increased piping length allowed for design flexibility, meaning we could easily make sure comfort could be brought to every corner of the formerly derelict warehouse. Additionally, both the PACi Elite and Standard units have a slim and lightweight design making installation of several units across the project easier. As this building now functions as a co-working space, where people can book the meeting rooms when required, ease of use was a key consideration. The user-friendly Panasonic control system means any end user can quickly pick up and adjust to their desired comfort.” 
Sandie Johnston, owner of LIME TREE WORK SHOP, added: "With a new roof, came the addition of a heat pump, which is hugely welcome and helps to future-proof the building. The Panasonic control system regulates the temperature and is simple to use and has allowed us to independently and remotely control the various offices and open plan spaces within our co-working facility.  During the summer heatwave, everyone commented on how beautifully cool our space was, so much so that it became a bit of a joke that several members were keen to sleep over!”