Missing Young Engineers?


25 February 2016
By Will Hawkins - Editor

​Ask anyone in our industry about the lack of young people coming into the air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump industry and they will agree that it is a problem.

Not enough young people coming in to work as engineers and technicians means that businesses find it difficult to expand and fulfil customer orders. 

The belief is that our industry is made up of older men. If our website figures are anything to go by, the biggest group of readers is aged between 45 and 54 (26%, in fact). You might have expected that figure.

But, still, there is the worry about the lack of interest from young people in becoming refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump engineers. 

Or, is there a lack of interest?

Over 30% of our readers online are between 18 and 34. That number might surprise you. 
It suggests that we have got a lot interest from young people in our industry. We just don’t know how to engage with them properly.

There is a good initiative coming along this month to encourage young people into apprenticeships through the Trailblazer programme (more news soon on that topic). This is a positive step and will, hopefully, provide a clear pathway for young engineers looking for a career in our industry. 

How do you attract young engineers into your business?

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