Leak detection – Does it matter?


19 April 2016
Leak Detection
Leak Detection - what's your strategy?
Of course, that’s a stupid question. Leak detection is important and it matters. Most air conditioning or refrigeration systems will leak at some point in their lifetime. Some systems leak all the time.

Detecting where the leak is in the system can be a challenge. There are plenty of signs to show that a system is leaking (e.g. pressure drops, decreasing efficiency or, perhaps, the smell). To find the leak there are simple methods (e.g. soapy water), handy methods (e.g. handheld detectors), chemical systems and highly sophisticated methods (e.g. infrared). All are valid and have their pros and cons.

In addition, the EN378 legislation (Refrigerant Leak Prevention and Minimisation) is still evolving but it is close to completion. Unsurprisingly, EN378 has become a top topic on the ACR Journal website (see article here). 

And, the debates continue on which is the best solution or approach to preventing and curing refrigerant leaks. 

Which refrigerant leak detection and prevention methods do you use? 

Will Hawkins
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