J & E Hall cellar cooling for Boom Battle Bars


22 February 2023
J & E Hall offers a range of cellar and beer coolers for bars and nightclubs

J & E Hall cellar coolers are playing a significant supporting role for the growing  Boom Battle Bars entertainment chain.

The business opened its first venue in Norwich in December 2020 and by the end of last year, 27 venues had been established in England, Scotland and Wales, with ten more planned for this year. 

While games such as axe-throwing, crazier golf and augmented reality darts are proving to be a major draw, quality food and drink also contribute to a formula with a multi-generational appeal. 

Allan Cook, head of openings at Boom Battle Bars, said: "We are a high-volume business serving a lot of draught refreshments, so quality cellar cooling is essential and these venues are very busy. Having a very good cooling system for the customer-facing area is absolutely critical to the experience that the customers expect." 

Heat Recovery (HVAC) has installed J & E Hall cellar cooling equipment in a dozen venues so far. The Aldershot-based company operates nationwide, specialising in air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and heat recovery. 

Co-owner Mike Higginson, who has more than 40 years’ experience working in the HVAC sector, set up the company with Rob Lissenborough in 2020.

Mike said: "In mid-2020 I had a call from one of the Boom Battle Bar designers who I had done a lot of work for over the years – presenting a great opportunity. We became involved in work at the Liverpool bar in late 2020 during lockdown and it all went on from there. We have installed J & E Hall cellar cooler equipment of varying sizes and specifications in a dozen venues so far including Exeter, Plymouth, Ealing, Southampton, Sheffield, Leeds and Ipswich. 

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"The units, which we source from TF Solutions, are good quality, easy to use and maintain. They are a very good product for the price range." 

Ideal for beer cellars and other applications down to 4°C, J & E Hall’s complete range of cellar coolers provide a cost-effective and reliable solution to maintain specific temperatures required for beer and wine cellars. 

The Boom Battle Bar in Southampton

The indoor units, which can be wall or ceiling mounted to maximise space, use brewery specification six-fin-per-inch evaporator coils and are manufactured to the highest specifications to ensure long trouble-free operation. 

Three ranges of cellar cooler systems are available: the JCC range for smaller cellar cooling applications, Cellar Plus and Twin Cellar Plus range for larger capacity needs. 

Boom Battle Bars is the market leader in a new entertainment concept, competitive socialising, offering games including American Shuffleboard, augmented reality darts, axe-throwing and crazier golf as well as conventional pool and beer pong.