Heat Recovery: Geyser Thermal Helps Health Centre with Heating


19 April 2016
Geyser Thermal's Heat Recovery Unit at the Nuffield Centre
Geyser Thermal's Heat Recovery Unit at the Nuffield Centre
Geyser Thermal won the 'ACR Ancillary Product of the Year' in January for its heat recovery system in a health centre which provides hot water using heat from an air conditioning chiller.

Will Hawkins met Lolli Olafsson to see the system in action.​

​Energy Saving Solution

​Lolli's client was looking around for a solution to lower their energy use and costs, and was open to alternative solutions.
His heat recovery system is as about as simple and effective as you can get, he said, when I saw the unit installed at the Nuffield Health Centre in Hatfield. That's a good thing. There are no moving parts bar a small pump to move liquid around the system. It is low-maintenance too. It is almost 'fit and forget', it is that reliable. Geyser Thermal give a lifetime guarantee on the system, they are so confident of its effectiveness and reliability. 

The unit in the health centre takes heat from the air conditioning unit outside and pipes it back into the hot water system (the hot water tank for which is located in the plant room nearby). The hot water is used for the showers. It is a good solution for the gym where they have a lot of hot customers working out who then need a good shower after their exertions. It is also ideal for pubs, schools, hospitals and buildings with lots of people in them. 

​The heat recovery system saves the health centre £800 a month in energy, which means it will pay for itself within two years. Since its installation, the Geyser Thermal system has saved over 168 megawatts of electricity.

​Compatible with most systems

Geyser_Thermal_Heat_Recovery_PipeworkThe pipework in the plant room at the Nuffield Centre, Hatfield
​The close proximity of the hot water tank is a bonus for the heat recovery system. If the chiller had happened to be on the roof, then it is more challenging laying pipework around the building. But, Lolli stated, the Geyser Thermal system will work with around 90% of systems in operation in the UK.  

 Often, consultants are reluctant to work with heat recovery systems, but Geyser Thermal's solution is proving its worth through its simplicity and efficiency. Heat recovery technology is not as 'sexy' as some renewable energy solutions, and does not attract government incentives. 

Nevertheless, good heat recovery systems, like that of Geyser Thermal, make use of energy that you have already paid for twice, at least. But, when the payback is so quick, you don't need a subsidy to work. 

Lolli Olafsson, Geyser Thermal
Lolli Olafsson, Geyser Thermal
Get in touch with Lolli. He will happily show you the data backing up how his heat recovery system saves money and energy. You will see why it won an award.
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