Effective Wine Cellar Cooling


17 December 2015
The Ice Men are back with their latest AdvICE Men column, offering expert advice on a wide range of air conditioning queries in each issue of ACR Journal. This month we’re looking at wine cellar cooling systems and the best systems currently available on the market.

​Q: I have an upcoming project that is a wine cellar that requires cooling. What installation options are available?

​Questions on the installation options for wine cellars that require effective temperature control are received almost on a weekly basis at our branches, and whilst many are related to commercial premises, we are seeing a growing demand for such systems in residential applications too. 
Recently, the team at TF Solutions worked alongside Panasonic to identify a suitable solution for a residential application whereby a homeowner had invested in developing a wine cellar within their own property. Not only did consideration have to be given to a system that was energy efficient and could provide effective temperature control, but because it was part of a well-designed environment, the aesthetics played a significant role too.  We found that for this particular project, Panasonic’s PACi Elite series ticked all the right boxes. 

Unlike the more traditional commercial systems, Panasonic’s PACi Elite series is a highly efficient AC range that can be specifically modified to suit low temperature applications in both commercial and residential premises. 

With five evaporator options available, all varying in capacity, the Elite Series is ideal for wine cellars that require a temperature between 8°CWB and 24°CWB. The single outdoor unit models offer cooling capacities from 4.9kW to 18.5kW, with the twin models offering between 13.6kW and 23.2kW.   

The latest models in the series are not only built to the highest industry standards to ensure optimum safety, they’re also relatively lightweight with a slim and compact design and therefore easier to install. Because the series encompasses compressors that are inverter, the range is highly energy efficient in comparison to other, more standard, ranges and with a design that’s been developed for aesthetics the range make a sound choice for commercial and residential applications. 

What about larger projects?

For more traditional projects in larger commercial environments, another system you could consider would be the J&E Hall Cellar Cooler.  

The range can electronically control down to 4⁰C which means that as well as cooling beverages in the vicinity of the cellar, it can also prolong the life of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items requiring a temperature controlled environment.

There are four models in the range which operate at capacities between 2.87 – 5.82kW and they are capable of cooling room sizes of up to 70M³ above ground or 120M³ below ground. All these models also benefit from low noise and a small footprint whilst being easy to install and F Gas compliant.
The Panasonic PACi range and the J&E Hall Cellar Cooler range are both stocked at all TF Solutions branches nationwide. 

For any information on the systems mentioned above or if you have any questions for the AdvICE Men, please email us at [email protected]
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