Ecooler banks energy savings


18 November 2019
adiabatic dry cooler free cooling data centre UK bank
Refrion has released figures to illustrate the performance of its Ecooler dry cooler in a data centre project for a leading UK bank.

The Italian manufacturer says the Ecooler range is designed to meet the growing demand for free cooling applications and combines Refrion's technology of oval tubing and the PADS adiabatic system, with panels made of sheets of corrugated cellulose to humidify the air.
Refrion says that using finned pack heat exchangers with oval tubing minimises load losses on the air side and achieves up to 15% greater performance compared to similar exchangers with round tubing. 

A total of 8 Ecooler units combined with chillers and cooling water were installed between 2016 and 2018 at the bank's date centre, with the new system recording an energy reduction of nearly 70%.

The table below shows the data performances recorded from the last cooling module installed in September 2018 consisting of two 600kW Ecoolers. The energy consumption of the current system was compared to the one recorded in the two previous years by the old system over the same period (September - December).
The hosting service manager said: "The data shown are absolutely real and refer to our new cooling system incorporating the two Ecooler units. The new system has increased chilled water flow and temperature (from 38 L/s to 64 L/s and from 8°C to 13.5°C), thereby maximising free-cooling operation. The Refrion units are the main energy saving units in our system, providing excellent efficient performance.”
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