Discovering more about ACRIB


27 April 2021
Mike Creamer, chair of ACRIB and president of the IOR

ACR Journal takes a look at how the long-established Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board is structured, represents your voice and where you can find its wealth of information.

The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB) represents all those who are part of the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps (RACHP) industry on national issues whilst providing a central forum for associated trade associations and professional bodies.

ACRIB represents manufacturers, distributors, contractors, consulting engineers, specifiers, end users, training providers, researchers, and others with a direct interest in the environmentally friendly, safe and cost-effective provision and use of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems and equipment.

Consultation and achievements 
For over 20 years, it has supported the UK Government and devolved administrations in implementing F-Gas legislation, providing a balanced input to policymakers and legislators, responding to legislative consultations, and meeting with Government representatives. It has offered technical advice and industry guidance on good practice and has been instrumental in promoting safety, energy efficiency and environmental awareness. ACRIB's role also includes the sharing and signposting of relevant developments, information sources and guidance, and publicising sector developments. The board also monitors education and skills matters. 

Talking about the role of ACRIB, Mike Creamer, chair, said: "The Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry Board comprises the key organisations in the sector, co-ordinating our efforts in improving our RACHP industry. This group's combined power enables our industry to speak with a collective and influential voice when communicating with the UK national authorities and other influential organisations, leading to more positive progress and outcomes than might otherwise be the case. As the board's current chair, representing the Institute of Refrigeration, I welcome all constructive suggestions as to how ACRIB can further assist the RACHP industry and the environment."

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On a day-to-day basis, ACRIB's objectives are achieved through experts in committees and working groups, all of which report to the board. The three main areas of activity are education and training, technical safety and standards, and F Gas implementation. Its most well-recognised output is the ACRIB SKILLCard, a widely used individual refrigerant handling skills and safety passport scheme. 

Regarding communication, the ACRIB website includes a wealth of up-to-date information and one-page briefs for employers and refrigeration or air conditioning users, including legislation, technical topics, education, careers, and apprenticeships ACRIB refrigerant handling SKILLCard (part of the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme) and industry news.

ACRIB is owned and operated by eight trade associations and professional institutes with interest in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump-related technologies.  Members include: Associated Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors (ARC), the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), Cambridge Refrigeration Technology (CRT), Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), Federation of Environmental Trade Associations FETA), the Cold Chain Federation (CCF), the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR), and the Food Service Equipment Association (FEA). 

If you are a member of a trade association that is not part of ACRIB and want to encourage them to become part of this umbrella group's work, please explore the website at and contact  the ACRIB secretariat by emails at [email protected]  

 Mike Creamer, President of the Institute of Refrigeration