CryoHub Technology


19 July 2016
​– A step change in energy saving for food cold stores and food processing factories
​For designers, owners and operators refrigerated food cold stores and food processing plant; energy is big business.

​In an attempt to look at how the food processing and chilling industry use energy in a new way a team of engineers and researchers under the title of CryoHub are looking at using energy storage techniques which allow power to be supplied back into the grid as well as providing cooling for cold stores and food factories.

​What is CryoHub?

​CryoHub uses the fact that an industrial refrigeration plant has a significant demand for electricity to produce cooling, and that sites in areas that are highly suited to renewable energy generation. However renewable energy production tends to be intermittent, and the site needs a continuous and reliable supply.

  By employing renewable energy sources first to liquefy and then store cryogens, CryoHub can overcome this.  "The potential is enormous," says project leader Judith Evans of London South Bank University.  "Not only can this help to balance the power grid, but it is also ideally suited to using waste heat from equipment and components in refrigerated food warehouses – everybody wins!".

With the UK gearing up to the challenging target of 20% of its energy demand satisfied by renewal energy sources by 2020 it means that renewables are going to become increasingly widely available in the next few years. Also, demand from the food cold chain for energy is increasing as the market for refrigeration expands.

Cryohub will help match these two key trends.  The Cryohub technology could allow food producers a ready-made package to integrate on-site management of heating, cooling, energy storage and waste generation.  The big benefit here is that they will be able to sell any excess energy back to the grid at peak demand times!
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​Become a CryoHhub Champion now

​If you think there could be an opportunity for your business, whether you are a cold store/factory owner, consultant or designer/installer, please get in touch with the CryoHub group to see if you would be suitable to become a CryoHub Champion Site.  We are currently looking for a small number of sites that will benefit from EU funding for installation and equipment. 

The sites will also benefit from the expertise of the CryoHhub team who will carry out in-depth monitoring to ensure that sites achieve savings and supply/demand is balanced. As a part of the CryoHub, it is an opportunity to boost your company's sustainability credentials as an environmental pioneer and test out cutting-edge technologies for energy saving.

​Matching renewable energy supply and demand

​A map of both UK and EU, which overlays cooling demand against potential renewable energy supply sites, is being developed. The map will help owners of refrigerated cold stores and food processing facilities to plan for how they could integrate renewable sources into their energy mix in the future.

 If you own or operate a food processing site using greater than 0.5 MW of electricity for refrigeration (on average), please get in touch via our Survey at so we can add you to the cooling demand map.

Find out more about this exciting opportunity at or contact Judith Evans at London South Bank University ([email protected]).