Cooling's 'best-kept secret'


17 March 2020
Jerry Hall manages all aspects of the air conditioning sales process at Wolseley Jerry Hall manages all aspects of the air conditioning sales process at Wolseley

Wolseley Air Conditioning Manager Jerry Hall is an expert on all things AC-related, from split systems and VRV/F to ventilation, chillers, rooftop packages and heat pumps. His air conditioning career has spanned four decades and he has excelled in many roles... however, it wasn’t until he joined Wolseley that he uncovered one of the cooling industry’s best-kept secrets.

Following an engineering apprenticeship, Jerry made his move into air conditioning in 1991 and has worked in almost every role available. Starting out, he began working on the installation side of AC, then moving to project management, sales and sales management.

Having been at Wolseley for three years, his current role sees him manage all aspects of the sales process, including the extension of Wolseley’s cooling network which has seen 60 branches become dedicated air conditioning and refrigeration specialists nationwide.

Throughout this journey, Jerry says the one thing he has enjoyed the most in all of his roles, is his ability to focus on ‘hands-on’ application – no matter what the job might be.

“I have always enjoyed finding solutions,” he said, a task that has become easier thanks to Wolseley’s range of products from leading manufacturers. “With the products we have available, I feel we have something for most applications. I have experience in selection and applying equipment for a vast range of project types. Having access to such a good portfolio of products means myself and the team can specify the right systems quickly and easily.”

As well as overseeing all of Wolseley’s AC projects, Jerry runs the company’s Air Conditioning Support Team – a service which he calls ‘the industry’s best-kept secret’. 
The team has over 100 years’ combined experience in the cooling sector, meaning they can assist customers of all sizes with a range of services including system selections, site visits, commissioning and warranties to name a few. Their in-depth knowledge of products also enables the team to provide a seamless aftersales support service.
“Many people within the industry simply see us as a supplier and aren’t aware of the additional services we can provide. Our commissioning and support service is the industry’s best-kept secret,” Jerry says.

Wolseley’s AC customers are highly knowledgeable but sometimes run into problems that they simply cannot resolve. The Air Conditioning Support Team aims to resolve all enquiries in less than 24 hours which Jerry puts down to his team’s impressive technical know-how.

“The team consists of myself and three other guys: Colin, Dave and Mike. These guys are all exceptional engineers. They are great at what they do. One of the best things about them is that if somebody is having an issue on-site with an installation, they will phone up and we will be able to talk them through the problem they’ve got and resolve it almost immediately. This saves the customer a lot of time on-site and means customers don’t have to wait around for us to do site visits.”

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In addition to expert knowledge, Jerry highlights Wolseley’s product availability as a key ingredient to the end-to-end service his team offers.

“Many of our competitors are restricted to just one manufacturer, and although the products each manufacturer offers are similar, they have different price ranges, products or features that could be useful for applying to specific projects. By only dealing with one range, you wouldn’t be able to find a solution as quickly and easily but by having access to systems from a wide range of top manufacturers, we are able to turn things around much more rapidly.”

Having worked for many different companies within the sector and dealt with hundreds of companies in the process, identifying the things that make Wolseley stand out in the market should not have been an easy task for Jerry. However, Jerry immediately cited the business’s end-to-end service as a major differentiator.

“When a customer has an installation to carry out, they can have everything together from us - the equipment, pipework, insulation, feet, isolators and cages. Everything a customer may possibly need is available from a Wolseley branch along with a seamless specification and aftersales service. As we have begun to focus on larger projects, again our support team has been integral to our success. Other companies rely on manufacturers to supply their aftersales support be we are able to offer that all internally. It’s a huge asset to our company and a great example of why Wolseley is the first-choice merchant for air conditioning and refrigeration contractors.”

  • Available in over 60 branches across the UK, Wolseley stocks a range of air conditioning and refrigeration products and refrigerants, including new low GWP blends for the refrigeration market and R32 for the air conditioning sector. Wolseley stocks major brands including Daikin, Fujitsu and York.