i-Chiller passes testing chamber challenge


08 February 2024

ICS Cool Energy has supplied a high performance cooling system for a leading manufacturer of testing chambers for automotive components.

Precision and reliability are paramount in this sector. Test chambers, used by many automotive OEMs, subject components to extreme conditions such as pressures, temperatures and vibrations to ensure their resilience in real-world scenarios. The automotive manufacturers have stringent demands for accuracy and dependability, which relies on cutting-edge test chambers to simulate real-world challenges.  

The challenge

The challenge faced by the manufacturer was centred around the cooling of compressors for its  test chambers. While the chambers are equipped with a cooling function to facilitate testing in cold temperatures, the compressors required their own cooling to operate and create the desired, reliable and stable testing conditions. The set up of the chambers needed a solution consisting of a high-performance process chiller connected with flexible hose and capable to deal with high-pressure drops encountered in the test chambers.

The solution

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ICS Cool Energy proposed its i-Chiller, which designed for challenging process conditions. What set this solution apart and made it an ideal choice for the customer was its designed-for-process technology and the ability to incorporate a 5-bar pump in the setup. 

The ICS Cool Energy i-Chiller not only provided the necessary cooling for the compressors but also addressed the unique challenges posed by the high pressure drops in the test chambers. Its adaptability ensured a seamless integration into the existing framework, showcasing ICS Cool Energy's commitment to tailored solutions.

The result

By preventing the compressors in the test chambers from overheating, the i-Chiller significantly increased the reliability and temperature stability within the chambers. This, in turn, enhanced the overall performance of the component testing, providing the client with accurate and dependable results. In the automotive industry, this translates to reliable information enabling manufacturers to ensure their vehicles function optimally in all environments.