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14 October 2019
temperature controle hire chiller air handling unit HVAC Carrier Rental Systems film studio television
Film studies require effective temperature control
A thriving British film and TV industry is creating increased demand for specialist temporary cooling and heating for use in studios and on location, says Carrier Rental Services. 

“The UK film and television industry is booming,” said Andrew Driver, who heads  film and television support for the hire specialist. “The boom is partly due to the concentration of skilled creative and technical services in the UK, plus the financial incentives offered to the sector by the government. We are currently supporting several major film and television projects in and around London, all requiring significant deployments of specialist temporary cooling, heating and ventilation equipment.
temperature controle hire chiller air handling unit HVAC Carrier Rental Systems film studio television
CRS chillers on site
“Carefully controlled environmental conditions are vital not only for studios and large purpose-built sets, but also for workshops and behind-the-scenes areas to ensure a high quality working environment for creative and technical staff.”

One current project involves the supply of on-site cooling for a multi-stage set for a new global TV series. Air handling units linked to high performance chillers deliver cool, fresh air throughout the stage set to counteract thermal load from lighting and other equipment. The project will require continuing support with specialist HVAC hire equipment as sets evolve and requirements change.

In another project, air handling units and packaged boilers were deployed for the filming of a new blockbuster science-fiction movie. In addition to front-of-house cooling for studios, it requires significant ventilation for creative workshops.

“Workshops are often required to produce large mouldings made from synthetic rubber and other materials for use on set,” added Driver. “This can generate powerful fumes that have to be quickly removed from the working area to ensure health and safety. Our ventilation system is designed with extract points above work areas to rapidly remove these fumes from the space.”

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