Remanufactured compressors: a sustainable alternative


03 June 2021
There are many benefits to giving compressors a new lease of life

Graham Prince, J & E Hall business manager for remanufactured compressors, explains how a new lease of life can be given to this key component in a refrigeration system.

There are millions of compressors in use around the world in a wide variety of applications. In the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, there's a view that when a compressor reaches the end of its useful life, it is only fit for the scrap heap. 

This could not be further from the truth. Focusing on developing a low carbon economy growing in significance, it has never been more important to extend a compressor's life. That's one of the reasons why at J & E Hall we place so much emphasis on remanufacturing compressors. The time, cost and environmental benefits are enormous. 

Tried and tested

Our compressor remanufacturing takes place under one roof in Doncaster. J & E Hall technicians have developed an efficient batch process method to convert a failed or worn compressor into an efficient new machine – meeting with the original manufacturer's specification – in as little as 24 hours.

When a scroll, screw or reciprocating compressor arrives on site, every part is inspected from top to bottom. All parts are thoroughly cleaned and renewed where necessary, and the motor is always replaced with one that has been rewound. A report to the customer then follows, detailing any faults or damage.

Our Doncaster site is a one-stop-shop for compressor remanufacturing. With all the services needed to return a heavily used machine to first-class condition, this includes the critical area of motor rewinding which is at the heart of the remanufacturing process. 

Our skilled technicians can overhaul open drive motors and, in the machine shop, we have the precision engineering expertise to construct tooling-jigs if required. 


Before and after images of a V127 reciprocating compressor remanufactured by the J & E Hall team

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Performance is then checked rigorously against OEM specification. Only after this is successful is the machine resprayed, packaged and sent to the customer. All J & E Hall remanufactured compressors are supplied with a year's warranty – the same as a new machine.

Environmental benefit

J & E Hall adopts a highly skilled and sustainable approach to remanufacturing compressors. What cannot be used again is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.  Steel, most other metals and even the wooden pallets they arrive on can be recycled. With all our remanufacturing services under one roof, we can keep transport costs to a minimum. 

Compressors can be remanufactured on the customer's premises or at our Doncaster site. J & E Hall can remanufacture compressors running on a wide variety of refrigerants, including natural refrigerants like ammonia.

With most compressors giving good, honest service for 20 or more years, handing them a new lease of life will provide you with extra payback on the compressor and help highlight any other faults hidden in the refrigeration or air conditioning system. Importantly, it may also save the time and expense of replacing an entire refrigeration pack with a new one.

Cost reduction

We tackle a wide variety of remanufacturing jobs. They can range from compressors found in roof-top air conditioning systems in supermarkets, offices, and hospitals to compressors in refrigeration packs driving efficiencies in breweries, cold stores, and other food processing sites.  

Choosing a remanufactured compressor will always be a winner with your customer. The public is growing more aware of the importance of knowing how products are made and where their place lies in a low carbon society.

Add this to the fact that a remanufactured compressor provides typically a 40 per cent saving on the cost of buying a new one and the short turnaround time, then you have good reasons for choosing a remanufactured compressor.