Cool solution at fjord hotel


08 September 2020
From left, Jesper Johansen, Technical Sales Engineer at BITZER Nordic, Marie Girard, International Sales & Marketing Coordinator at BITZER Nordic, Michael Kurth, Facility Manager at Hotel Alsik and Jørgen Ludvigsen, Sales Manager at Climate A/S

A new system featuring BITZER compressors and condensers is ensuring stable refrigeration temperatures at a new hotel overlooking the Flensburg Fjord in Denmark.

The 19-storey Hotel Alsik in Sønderborg, close to the German border, recently welcomed its first guests. It is part of a major waterfront development project, with the hotel supporting the town’s vision of being CO2-neutral by 2029.

The refrigeration system ensures cooling of 10 different cold stores and freezer rooms across the hotel. The water-cooled condensing units are an optimal matching unit program with effective and robust compressors and condensers. The system includes 10 BITZER ECOLINE semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors with water-cooled shell and tube condensers from the BITZER K-3 series. Together they ensure the correct temperatures in the various kitchens, cold stores and freezer rooms of the hotel. At the same time, the BITZER solutions also ensure a high refrigeration capacity, a high performance level and lower energy costs. The compressors are designed to use low-GWP refrigerants R449A and R513A.

Every unit contains a BITZER ECOLINE compressor and a condenser from the K-series


The components were supplied by wholesaler H. Jessen Jürgensen A/S and fitted by the company Climate A/S. Carsten Pedersen, Sales Engineer at H. Jessen Jürgensen, said: “A project like Hotel Alsik is a perfect example for cold storage and freezer rooms. Here the focus is on sustainability, quality and performance which are the basis for the right solution with quality products from the start. As a refrigeration wholesaler, it's a pleasure for us to work with customers like Climate who appreciate the value of the technical support our product specialists offer them."

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Michael Kurth, Facility Manager at Hotel Alsik, has the daily job of supervising all the cold stores and freezer rooms, which also includes several wine cabinets in both the cellar and on floor 18. He said: "It’s easy to see that quality was very important when Alsik was built. That’s clear from our large refrigeration system as well. It has worked from day one, and we haven’t experienced any complications whatsoever.''

Currently, heat is transferred from the closed refrigerating circuit to a free cooler. In the long term, Hotel Alsik would like to exploit this heat and make use of it in a heat pump for domestic hot water or space heating. 

Climate, the company that installed the system in 2019, reports that the project has been a success. Sales Manager Jørgen Ludvigsen said: ‘In terms of quality, we’re talking about a really high level, and this solution is the perfect one in that sense. The way in which the system is designed, constructed and positioned means not only does it look great, but also that it is easier for our technicians to provide the correct service. It’s easy to access and it’s clear how the individual components are connected.''

The hotel forms part of a major waterfront development