City Multi VRF on restaurant menu


25 July 2018
Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner Kinlochs and Son (KSL) has helped transform a fast food restaurant in Banbury with the installation of a City Multi VRF heat recovery system.

The KFC franchisee was looking for a swift turnaround and chose KSL, having worked successfully with the company in the past.
Initial discussions were focused on keeping energy consumption as low as possible and reducing equipment downtime, and it was decided to replace the existing split system with a VRF heat recovery system.

The City Multi offers simultaneous heating and cooling, distributing surplus heat from cooling operations to other areas of the building as required. This offers significant benefits in the KFC outlet as waste heat from cold room equipment can be recovered and put to good use elsewhere.

Kevin Gregory, Contracts Manager at KSL, said: “Since 2001 we have carried out a number of installations with KFC franchisees and have successfully combined market-leading Mitsubishi Electric technology with a firm commitment to exceptional customer service, delivering efficient and economical air conditioning solutions that stand the test of time.

Extended warranty
“The franchisee was keen on the idea of saving energy via a VRF air curtain and recognised the advantages in selecting an economical system which provides a rapid return on the initial investment. During the summer months the newly installed air curtain will deliver cool air and stop flying insects from entering the premises, a major consideration for food outlets.”
Featuring two-pipe technology for quicker installation and a BC controller for ‘intelligent’ decision making, the new system will deliver instant efficiency savings and could reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.
By individually metering power supplies the franchisee was offered first hand evidence of the potential savings on offer and is now committed to using heat recovery air conditioning systems in all future new builds.
KSL will be responsible for maintenance at the Banbury site and, as a Diamond Quality Partner, is able to offer an extended seven-year parts warranty.
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