Chinese Air Conditioning Giant to Challenge Established Order in UK Air Conditioning Market


13 April 2016
Roberto MallozziRoberto Mallozzi
​Global air conditioning giant Gree is set to challenge the status quo in the UK air conditioning market with the launch of Gree UK Limited.

Part of the London-based Calibre Services Group, Gree UK will supply the manufacturer’s full range of splits, VRF, heat pumps, chillers and award-winning photovoltaic-powered systems across the UK.
The company has already secured orders with national air conditioning specialists and has many active enquiries in the pipeline for major projects.

​Gree is the world’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, with sales of more than £16bn and employing more than 8,000 research and development engineers in 570 laboratories and five research institutes across the world. 

​The company’s success has been built on a continuous stream of innovation, resulting in more than 20,000 technology patents, nearly 7,000 invention patents and some 300 million users of its air conditioning systems worldwide.
Gree - HQ in China
Gree - HQ in China
Roberto Mallozzi, managing director of Gree UK Ltd, said: 
“In a lifetime of experience in this industry, Gree is one of the most impressive and innovative air conditioning manufacturers I have ever encountered. The name may not be that well known in the UK at present, but that is something we intend to change.

“One in three air conditioning systems produced in the world today is manufactured by Gree, a measure of the company’s commercial success and seriousness as a global player. The fact that Gree makes units for most of the world’s premium air conditioning brands says a lot about its quality credentials and approach, and its high standing even among competitors.”
Gree’s range covers all main air conditioning and heat pump technologies, from mobiles and small splits for domestic and light commercial applications, through VRF heat pumps, up to large centrifugal chillers with several megawatts of cooling capacity.

The company is investing heavily in the development of renewable and energy efficient systems. Its pioneering PV-powered, inverter-driven centrifugal chiller has won a string of awards for its ability to generate cooling from sunlight, and feed power directly into the grid.
Gree PV offering - chillers and VRF
Gree PV offering - chillers and VRF
​Gree UK is backing the launch with substantial investment in stocks for immediate availability, a comprehensive spare parts service and a generous warranty scheme giving buyers peace of mind.
Gree UK has its own dedicated sales, technical and administration headquarters near London, and is currently recruiting additional staff for support positions. It includes a showroom and full training facility to demonstrate equipment and train engineers to install and commission Gree technology.

It is planning to install working examples of PV-powered cooling systems, to demonstrate the practicality of solar-powered cooling in UK conditions.

A key element of the Gree philosophy is the move from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. To this end, the company manufactures many key air conditioning components itself and operates nine manufacturing plants. It produces some 60m residential air conditioners and 5.5m commercial systems a year.

The company has an eye-watering research and development budget, spending upwards of £500million each year, with full CE, UL and TUV certification for its products.
Gree smart split unit
Gree smart split unit
​Roberto Mallozzi said: 
​“We believe that the Gree offer - an unrivaled combination of quality and technical excellence coupled with highly attractive pricing - will prove to be a winning formula in the UK.

“It gives contractors and end users a highly cost-competitive option without compromising on quality or features. Indeed, the quality, styling and technical specification of Gree units are in some cases ahead of the market, making the competitive pricing even more attractive.”
He added: 
​“Backed by the market knowledge and technical experience of sister companies Klima-Therm, LH, and Next, UK buyers have the reassurance that Gree will deliver for them. If the premium air conditioning brands put their faith in Gree, so can they with full confidence.”
Gree R&D facility
Gree R&D facility
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