Rapid Chiller Rentals keeps passport office on track


02 March 2023

Temporary hire of two 500kW chillers from Rapid Chiller Rentals helped keep UK Passport Office staff cool during last summer’s heatwave.

Delivering 1.2MW of essential cooling, the hire package maintained temperatures at the Sheffield office and prevented staff being sent home and causing further disruption to the already pressured passport issue service. 

Due to chiller failure the cooling capacity installed could no longer combat the heat build-up in the building, which features large amounts of exterior glass.

To accommodate the temporary chillers located at ground level, two 400 amp power supplies were run from the high voltage substation and four inch chilled water pipework had to be extended from the roof to the new location.  A plate heat exchanger had to be used to accommodate the increased chilled water pressure caused by the elevation difference from the roof to the ground floor.

Two  inverter driven pumps were installed to generate the water flow required between the ground floor and the roof resulting in 7°C cold water successfully being delivered throughout the building.

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Rapid Chiller Rentals is an independent supplier based in Manchester and covering the north of England. Managing director Steve Pike said: “This was one of the most complex and high-profile jobs we have undertaken. The rental market presents frequent challenges and knowing how to respond is crucial. 

“We received the initial call at 9am and by 12 noon the same day a quotation had been supplied along with a detailed design and risk assessment. The project was approved within 24 hours and delivered, commissioned and fully tested fully in less than two days. 

“All contractors played their parts to complete the task without complications and the trusty RTAD Trane chillers worked beautifully throughout.’’