CASE STUDY: Fujitsu supplying comfort where it matters most


11 July 2017
Fujitsu has helped to provide the best possible environment at Prime Endoscopy Bristol's new Harbourside Suite
How working in partnership has created the ideal environment for patients and medical staff at Prime Endoscopy Bristol.
Prime Endoscopy Bristol, part of InHealth Group, provide high quality diagnostic endoscopy services in the community. They recognise that patients prefer being treated in a community setting, avoiding hospital visits. Patients receive a quality, caring service at each stage of their journey because Prime Endoscopy Bristol are passionate about ensuring the patient experience is the best possible. Creating the right environment for visiting patients and working medical staff alike is vital to their mission, so when it came to selecting a contractor for their new Harbourside Suite building project it was natural for them to turn to a trusted partner in Friargreen Construction Limited.

Friargreen Construction, based in Orpington, Kent, have a reputation for being a friendly, approachable construction company with a multidisciplinary ethos. This excellent reputation has been built upon their belief that the success of every project is down to a successful working partnership between the client and contractor and they always strive to be the partner of choice to develop longstanding relationships. This approach has helped them work in the health care sector and with InHealth Group (working in partnership with the NHS) for at least 10 years, with this new project at Bristol being a second endoscopy project involving Fujitsu air conditioning equipment.   

The project houses equipment offering better clinical outcomes and improved comfort.  It also contains training and conference facilities and additional consulting rooms, reducing waiting times and supporting growth in Bristol.

Fujitsu’s involvement concerned the selection of VRF VR II Heat Recovery equipment for two floors of the new building.  Cassettes, medium static ducted in-ceiling fan coil units and wall mounted units were used throughout serving typically procedure rooms, treatment rooms, recovery rooms, training room, clean areas, staff areas and the reception.  The design was by David Smith of Technical Support Associates (TSA) and the equipment selection was agreed with Toby Sparkes, Managing Director of Friargreen Construction.  Toby had commissioned David as his consultant.

TSA is a firm of mechanical and electrical consulting engineers, with vast experience in projects ranging from small houses to the complete infrastructural design of McDonald's manufacturing factories.

Once the shell of the new building was erected, Friargreen became involved with their full turnkey operation and the images show how well the project has been completed.  InHealth Group entrusted Friargeen to deliver air conditioning, ventilation, electrical, plumbing and other building related tasks on budget and on time.   

Fujitsu equipment is delivering heat recovery to two floors as designed by the consultant as being entirely suitable and cost effective for the project. Toby Sparkes was particularly impressed with Fujitsu’s state of the art Central Touch Panel Controller with remote internet access as standard.  This was said by Toby to be “a crucial piece of equipment for the company and the client, enabling the monitoring of the installation from afar and being able to manipulate the air conditioning settings if need be”.  The adoption of the controller has resulted in the client insisting that this be a standard item for all such installations. Toby and the client received onsite training from James Richardson, Fujitsu Technical Supervisor, during Fujitsu’s commissioning of the equipment and it is planned to have a refresher training session at Fujitsu Head Office training facility.

Prime Endoscopy Bristol is located at Bristol Harbourside, a once derelict part of the historic city centre, which has been transformed from a brownfield site of former docks and industrial activity into elegant and enjoyable places to live, work and relax, full of green open spaces and waterside walks. The new building is set amongst many eco-rated new buildings serving the local community with Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s ship the SS Great Britain a short distance away.

This location near the coast was a consideration for Fujitsu, who supplied specialist saline anti-corrosion treatment to the condensing unit coils. Additionally, a meeting room with a black ceiling also required specialist paint treatment to some cassette fascia grilles to the RAL colour of graphite black (appears as a darker shade of grey).  The treatments have been acknowledged by the contractor and consultant to have been done to a very high standard.

The overall result has been a well-designed and smoothly executed project that has most importantly delivered the high quality internal environment for those visiting and working in the building demanded by Prime Endoscopy Bristol.


Human comfort and care is at the heart of this project and Fujitsu, working in partnership with Friargreen Construction and Technical Support Associates, have delivered an environment with attention to detail and clinical care.  

Fujitsu’s VRF Business Development Manager Mark Derriman said: “It has been a pleasure working with Toby Sparkes of Friargreen and David Smith of TSA on this project.  We have all worked together to enable Prime Endoscopy Bristol to do what they excel at, which is providing medical care in a comfortable environment. Judging by the smiling expressions on the faces around the building, we have succeeded in providing a pleasant environment. It is a good example of Fujitsu supplying comfort when it matters.”

Fujitsu Air Conditioning is part of the Fujitsu Group, one of the best known and most successful engineering and electronics organisations in the world. Fujitsu Air Conditioning is a world leading provider of innovative, reliable and energy efficient air conditioning products.  In the UK, Fujitsu Air Conditioning systems are sold via a specialised distribution network. For further details contact Mark Derriman.

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