Carrier Transicold powers new portable cold stores


01 February 2022

West Midlands-based Accessible Hire & Refrigeration has delivered and installed its first two bespoke portable cold stores, each mounted with electric Carrier Transicold Vector 1550 City units, to a food preparation facility in the south of England.

The Carrier units are said to be perfectly suited for use with the new portable cold store, known as the Ultrabox, as they deliver exceptional power, temperature control, reliability, efficiency and low, PIEK-compliant operating noise.

With four Carrier Transicold DataCOLD temperature recorders and the ability to connect to the company’s advanced telematics package, Carrier Transicold is helping to ensure ultimate flexibility for the Ultrabox.

“I’ve been working with Carrier for more than 20 years,” said Clive Dingle, head of manufacturing and special projects, Accessible Hire & Refrigeration. “When we decided to start developing and building our own cold store solution, we knew we needed powerful, reliable equipment to ensure they were as efficient and versatile as possible – Carrier and the Vector 1550 were the obvious choice.”

The Vector 1550 City unit delivers a combination of power and efficiency, with outstanding pull-down speeds and accurate set-point control across multiple compartments. The Vector 1550 unit features Carrier Transicold’s E-Drive all-electric technology, which removes mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven truck and trailer refrigeration systems, helping to reduce refrigerant leak rates by up to 55% while also cutting CO2 emissions.

Each new Ultrabox replaces outdated portable cold stores at the facility, also previously supplied – but not built – by Accessible Hire & Refrigeration six years ago. These updated units are expected to be in service for up to 10 years and will operate at a constant -22°C, allowing the business to freeze and store a wide range of produce before the goods are transported for distribution.

With comprehensive telematics support, multiple DataCOLD points and the power of the Carrier Transicold Vector 1550 City unit, the Ultrabox is also suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry, meeting all necessary standards to maintain the temperature set-points required. 

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“The Ultrabox can do a multitude of jobs thanks to the power of the Carrier equipment,” said Dingle. “Because the fridge unit is so incredibly quiet it also means they’re ideal for businesses in residential areas.”

Accessible Hire & Refrigeration offers a wide range of cold storage solutions across a multitude of industries and sectors, recently moving into the manufacturing of its own specialist cold stores. Through its close working relationships with both customers and Carrier Transicold, the business is building a reputation for manufacturing high specification units for a range of uses. 

Carrier Transicold creates refrigeration solutions to handle precise temperature-controlled cargo, like food and beverages, as part of its Healthy, Safe, Sustainable Cold Chain Programme. Products and services are designed to ensure the safe delivery and consumption of consumer perishable goods.

Carrier Transicold