Carrier apprenticeship scheme tackles skills gap


21 February 2024
Carrier’s apprenticeship scheme aims to help bridge the skills gap in the HVAC industry by providing young people with skills for life


Carrier reaffirms its commitment to training and investing in the next generation of HVAC engineers and technicians with a new apprenticeship campaign. New investments include the appointment of an apprenticeship manager and the creation of the Bracknell Training Centre of Excellence. 

Many of Carrier’s longest-serving managers, engineers and product experts began their careers as apprentices in a program that has continued to evolve over the last 30 years with advances in HVAC technology. At a pivotal point for decarbonisation plans to reach net zero, Carrier is encouraging young people to join Carrier with 20 apprentice positions located in the UK. 

“The skills gap in the HVAC industry is well-documented,” said Oliver Sanders, Carrier Commercial HVAC Director, United Kingdom and Ireland. “We want to help address this problem by providing highly trained and experienced technicians that provide sustainable, resilient and digitally enabled HVAC solutions to help meet decarbonisation goals.” 

Buildings account for 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions, of which 28% comes from operational emissions needed to heat, cool and power them. For these reasons, Carrier’s apprenticeship scheme encompasses the design, application, installation and digitally connected servicing of equipment to maintain facilities with advanced data analytics and advisory services. Apprentices benefits from the mentorship of Carrier’s highly trained and experienced engineers, graduating with the essential knowledge and skills for electrification of heating and air conditioning.

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Apprentices have the opportunity to study a range of qualifications, including refrigeration and air conditioning and building services engineering. These qualifications are required to work with Carrier’s new equipment, service and rentals groups. Each apprenticeship pathway provides a comprehensive blend of practical and theoretical learning. Every graduate has excellent progression opportunities either into higher levels of study or into a rewarding career within Carrier. 

“I loved my apprenticeship,” said Joseph Vipond, pictured, who recently completed his HNC Construction (Building Services Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) qualification and seamlessly transitioned into Carrier’s pre-sales team. “It gave me the perfect opportunity to gain a Level 4 qualification and earn a competitive wage while doing it. Work fit nicely around my college timetable, and it was great to apply things I learned in class to a real situation. I am thriving in my new full-time role with valuable skills for life.”

“The recent approval of a new national Level 3 Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship is helping address the knowledge, and behaviours that engineers need to install, test, commission and service low carbon technology such as heat pumps,” said Andrew Paddock, Carrier Managing Director, United Kingdom and Ireland. “As an organisation committed to shaping the future of the HVAC industry, Carrier would like to work with educational bodies to develop similar apprenticeship standards with a specific focus on HVAC solutions for larger commercial buildings to ensure our segment is not left behind.”

To find out more about Carrier’s apprenticeship campaign and to apply, please visit