Careers in Refrigeration: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers


18 July 2016
ECH Engineering with cooling bikes
Dr Hammond (2nd from left) encourages students at Sutton Grammar School to use the Refrigeration Cycles
Encouraging students to choose cooling as a career often appears to be an impossible challenge but take the time to meet the students, and you soon find out why.

As an industry, we must recognise that in schools, no-one has heard of the cooling industry despite it being so vast and so essential to modern life.  We all have a duty to ensure that the engineers of tomorrow are inspired to join us, and that means reaching out to them!
On 4th July, ECH Engineering Ltd. took their Refrigeration Cycles to the Big Bang Fair at Sutton Grammar School, Surrey.  The Institute of Refrigeration President’s Fund supported the event and aimed to promote the cooling industry and routes into it.

​Alongside the bikes, the IOR promoted their 'Careers in Cooling' initiative, banners from World Skills developed apprenticeships and technical courses in refrigeration and the Engineering Development Trust's Year in Industry scheme offered a route for those also looking to go to university.
​The bikes were extremely well received, and the event generated awareness of refrigeration as a career with many students and teachers keen to learn more.

Events like this are essential to inspire students and to provide a roadmap to our industry.  Whether it is attending events like this or presenting at events in schools, it is vital that all companies in our industry engage with the engineers of tomorrow.

​How to get involved:

  • Employ a gap year student for a Year in Industry.
  • Take on an apprentice.
  • Offer summer placements to undergraduate students.
  • Become a STEM Ambassador and engage with schools.
  • Join schemes run by the Engineering Development Trust to provide teams of students with real life engineering problems through the Engineering Education Scheme or Go4SET
Dr Hammond, director of ECH Engineering Ltd., entered the world of refrigeration during his Year in Industry placement and now, in addition to the refrigeration cycle initiative, offers both undergraduate summer placements and a Year in Industry placement in his company.

Below are some links to help kick-start outreach in your business:
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