Building Equipment Services - Support and Mounting Options


16 September 2016
​With the increasing focus on environmental friendliness and low carbon emissions, modern buildings are invariably designed much “tighter” than they used to be and have a high priority on keeping cold out and heat in (and vice versa in the summer).
by Tom Fitzsimons, Area Sales Manager, Flexi Support Systems at Pump House
​Also, when it comes to refurbishing older buildings, much consideration is given to the above and this this means that there has been a big increase in the use of environmental building control systems. These would incorporate heating, cooling, humidity, air filtration and purification equipment in both new build and refurbishment.

Therefore, there are a multitude of mechanical, gas and electrical services needed in buildings, such as air conditioning and air handling units of various sizes, chillers, condensers and fan sets, ventilation duct works, stand by generators, chillers and even complete plant rooms.
​If possible, all this kind of equipment should be placed at ground level and in a safe area where working at height is not necessary and access for maintenance is easy. However, this often is not possible, particularly in areas with high building density, where placing equipment on the roof is the only practical option.

Of course, once on the roof, all these different types of equipment need suppling with services, meaning lots of cables, pipes, drainage channels, vent hoods, ductwork etc., running back and forth across the roof.

All flat roofs have some sort of waterproofing system in place and therefore it is essential to ensure that anything placed on the roof will not damage that waterproofing and also manage the loading of heavy equipment such as condensers, VRF units, and Air Handling Units.

​The Solutions

​Small Equipment Mounting

​For lighter items such as cable trays, pipe runs, small condensers, fan sets etc., simple options such as Flexi-Feet can be used. These are one-piece moulded rubber blocks in various sizes from 250mm to 1000m long that incorporate standard galvanised 41mm x 21nn strut to allow fixing down of the of units.

Another option for supporting this kind of equipment, as well as various sized ductwork, is to use H Frame kits. The H frame kits are supplied with 2 feet (either 320mm square or, for heavy duty applications, 2 x 500mm square feet), angle brackets and fixings and the installer supplies their own strut. This allows the installers to “custom” build H frame supports to whatever size is needed to suit the job at hand.
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​Mid-Range Equipment Mounting

For larger pieces of equipment such as condensers, VRF/VRV units, air handling units etc., along with associated items like ductwork, supporting pipe work and cable trays then a Flexi Modular Support Frame is ideal.

The Flexi Frame is a simple system which allows contractors to “design” their own systems. The Flexi Frame system comes in two options – either 1200mm x 1200mm or 1500mm x 1500mm but either size option has only two part numbers.

You start with either a 1200mm base frame pack or a 1500mm base frame pack and add as many 1200mm or 1500mm extender frames packs and needed to accommodate the length of the equipment or items of equipment being mounted.

The base and extender packs are supplied flat packed, so ordering and self-designing a system could not be simple. Each base and extender frame has a safe working load of 500 kilos and has been load tested up to 5 tonnes.
A Flexi Frame Base Pack comes complete with 4 x 320mm square plastic feet with integrated rubber pads, 4 x adjustable leg inserts, 2 x 40mm x 40mm box section bars and 2 x 41mm x 41mm strut bars and all associated spring nuts, fixing bolts and washers. The rubber pad is adhered to the plastic foot and incorporates drain slots moulded to the underside to allow standing water to flow under the foot.

The Flexi Frame Extender Pack comes complete with 2 x 320mm square plastic feet with integrated rubber pads, 2 x leg inserts, 2 x 40mm x 40mm box section bars, 2 x 41mm x 41mm strut bars and all the associated spring nuts, fixing bolts and washers.

Heavy Equipment Mounting

​Safe Access Solutions

​For very heavy pieces of equipment such as large air handling units, chillers, stand-by generators, and even complete plant rooms, then a Flexi Heavy Frame system is available. Using large box section steelwork and larger 500mm square feet it is ideal for managing big loads.
Another range of important accessories often needed on roof tops with equipment on is step-overs and hop-overs to go over pipework, drainage channels etc., as these provide a safe access for engineers to get to the equipment for service and maintenance. Standard access solutions are available from stock and bespoke solutions can be manufactured in approx. 15 days. A complete design service, along with site surveys, load calculations and full Auto-Cad drawing services are available.


For any Building Equipment Services Equipment that need mounting or safe access to for maintenance there is a solution available that is both practical and affordable.

For further information about the Flexi Range of building support products or any of the other products in the Pump House range please contact our sales office on 0115 900 5858 or email [email protected]