Big Foot Supplies Roof Support for Coca Cola GB Cooling


23 May 2016
Big Foot Systems recently supplied Coca-Cola GB a roof support system for their cooling system in their Wakefield factory, the company recently announced.

Coca-Cola needed to expand their production plant's cooling ventilation capacity by adding two new air handling units (AHU) onto their lightweight, seam roof. Importantly, the company specified that the project should not disrupt their existing production operations making 6,000 canned soft drinks and around 2,200 bottles a minute, including avoiding leaks from the roof.

Coca-Cola's consultant suggested using Big Foot System's  roof support solutions which don't penetrate roofs and distribute weight evenly, ideal for lightweight roofs.
​The Big Foot technical team worked collaboratively with HE Barnes, the contractor for the project, and their structural engineer for many months. Big Foot’s technical team was able to propose several solutions for consideration, leading to a fully-developed solution using their HD Beam product to span the main rafters and the purlins, while taking the load back to the main rafters. The solution also provided safe access for maintenance of the newly installed AHUs.

To assist the smooth installation, Big Foot’s Technical Team carried out several site surveys. The engineered design and technical support by Big Foot allowed HE Barnes to provide a detailed lifting plan and method statement to the Coca-Cola Enterprises Health and Safety team. 

Big Foot’s Technical Team was also on site for the frame erection and AHU crane lift to the roof, utilising a 250 tonne crane with a 60-metre reach. Thanks to meticulous planning and preparation, the full installation was carried out seamlessly within five hours of the crane being set up. Big Foot therefore provided the best solution with minimal disruption to Coca-Cola Enterprises Wakefield manufacturing plant.

​HB Beam Support

​An HD Beam is a non-penetrative support frame for chillers, AHUs, packaged plant, generators, pipes and steels. It is a robust but flexible solution where space may be limited, or there is a requirement to position directly over existing structural roof steels. Weight is then evenly distributed across the specified quantity of HD Beams. It is also height adjustable to maintain a level system on roof falls up to 5 degrees.

The Big Foot Safe Access range is designed to allow a secure route for service engineers and other trades to gain access to plant and for managing the flow of other personnel. Offering secure and easy access to roof-top services, Big Foot will survey and design custom Safe Access systems tailored specifically to meet individual design parameters.

Offering specifiers a comprehensive range of freestanding systems, Big Foot’s products are designed and manufactured by the company for a wide variety of applications, including HVAC, solar units and safe access equipment. The product portfolio provides complete, simple, safe and secure non-penetrative, prefabricated roof support systems negating a need for time consuming and costly penetrations through the roof. 
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