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14 October 2016
​Having started in the HVAC industry as a contracts support engineer, before moving into sales and now as the product manager for Daikin Applied, I have witnessed a lot of changes over my 10 years within the industry, changes both within the company and the technologies that we put into the market and within the wider industry as a whole.
​by James Henley, Product Manager – Chiller Specialist
​It is these changes that make Daikin Applied and the HVAC industry as a whole such a dynamic work environment with different challenges every day and a future of potential growth throughout the sector.
​As you are all probably aware, McQuay re-branded in April 2015 to Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd after being part of the Daikin Group for almost 10 years. Whilst, to many this was essentially just a change in name, to us at Daikin Applied it was much more.  We have continued with the customer focused core business values, which were at the heart of McQuay across key sectors of Chillers, AHU’s and our service & maintenance business, whilst embracing the change in culture that comes with the integration of Daikin and the major advantages of being part of the leading global HVAC supplier.

​The drive of Daikin Applied is exceptional, with investment not only in research and development of products but also in the people within the company. Our target is to deliver solutions to the market that exceed clients’ expectations as well and pushing the boundaries of efficiency and technology innovation to ensure the clients’ needs are also met in the future.
Daikin Applied VZ Inverter Water Cooled Chiller
James Henley Product Manager Daikin Applied UKJames Henley Product Manager Daikin Applied UK
​In 2016 alone we will have launched new inverter screw ranges for both a Water Cooled (VZ Series) between 400kW – 2100kW and Air Cooled (TZ – B) between 150kW and 1100KW chiller ranges with respective ESEER figures of above 8.5 and 5.7 respectively. With at least 3 more applied product launches across both chiller and AHU products planned in the next 6 months, it is exciting time ahead, so watch this space.

​Whilst the construction industry is currently in a state of uncertainty following decisions surrounding Brexit, Daikin Applied UK have positioned itself with a team and product portfolio to ensure that we can continue to be successful and grow the business within the Daikin group.

​Our in-house experienced project delivery team and in-field service engineers ensure that all projects are managed from inception to practical completion all to the clients ever increasing needs. This is coupled with our service team that can provide the full life care for the product to give total peace of mind.

It is a challenging yet exciting time within the industry and we hope that at Daikin Applied UK we can provide you with product solutions and added value services that benefit yourself and your client.

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