Airedale International Delivers on Complex Chiller Logistics Project


16 April 2015
Airedale International’s design engineers, service and controls experts formed part of a multi-disciplinary team managing a complex chiller design, manufacture and installation project involving two 40-minute helicopter lift operations onto the roof of the London offices of a global professional services firm.   
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The team comprising Norland Managed Services, Plant Movements and Helirig, called for high performance chiller design combined with meticulous planning to minimise disruption to business operations and manage risk during installation in the pedestrianised location close to other high rise buildings and important historic monuments.  

Eight Airedale 8, 10 & 12 fan air-cooled TurboChill chillers were designed and manufactured in a total of 18 separate component parts to meet the 3.2 tonne lifting capacity of the Super Puma helicopter 

Further design considerations needed to take into account health & safety requirements and the need for rapid assembly and connection; these design adaptions, involving rationalisation of pipework connections, meant that the units could be reassembled on the roof with 50% less manpower and within a rapid timeframe of just one week of each airlift operation. 

The chillers, which offer annual operational cost savings of up to 23%, were selected for their energy-saving properties and ease of maintenance and were supplied with specially designed acoustic packs to ensure they meet stringent local authority noise restrictions associated with the building’s proximity to other offices and hotels.  

The TurboChill’s modular ‘V’ frame coil arrangement (patent pending) vastly improves heat exchange, increasing performance and control particularly at part-load, and facilitates maintenance. The large surface areas of the polymer-coated microchannel heat exchangers increase cooling capacity and reduce condensing temperatures within a smaller footprint. The oil-free centrifugal compressors provide very precise variable speed control between 15-100% for tighter water set point management which minimises power consumption with near silent operation.  

An Airedale sequence manager maximises the TurboChill’s part-load efficiencies and ensures even wear of components.   

James Buchan, Lead Project Manager for Norland Managed Services said the programme had been “planned to perfection”.  

Airedale’s Managing Director, Clive Parkman, added

“The rigorous demands of this exceedingly high profile project played to Airedale’s strengths. Working closely with our partners involved on this project we turned round both of the two operations within a rapid 15 week lead-time from receipt of order to on-site commissioning. Plus, of course the customer benefits from the tremendous energy saving potential of the TurboChill chiller."  
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