Making the most of garden rooms


26 October 2022
The residential gym garden room in Essex

Installer Evergreen Air Conditioning has used Panasonic split systems featuring nanoe X technology to provide year-round comfort to two different purpose-built garden rooms.

The first project was a residential room in Hertfordshire to be used as a gym, with the second used as a professional studio for Thistle and Blue Photography in Essex.

As garden rooms often feature large expanses of glass leading to large solar gains and losses, the rooms can often be unbearably hot, or freezing cold. Both customers were facing being unable to use their facilities during the summer heat or winter chill. They therefore required a highly efficient compact solution, that could provide fast heating and cooling to contend with extreme seasonal climate changes that were otherwise compromising the usability of their rooms. 

Business development manager at Evergreen Air Conditioning, Charity Price, said: “With these types of projects, our customers are looking for the most compact and attractive units whilst also wanting something that runs efficiently. The Panasonic range offers peace of mind due to their fantastic performance, particularly the Etherea model, along with the ability of the nanoe X technology to inhibit pollutants, means that it has been a popular choice since the start of the pandemic.

"We love working with Panasonic, the units are straightforward to install, and we can turn projects around quickly with no issues, so our customers can get back to enjoying a more comfortable working or living environment. The feedback from both engineers and customers has been fantastic.’’ 

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For the home studio in Essex, the Panasonic 3.4kW FZ split system was selected. Vicki Smith of Thistle & Blue Photography said: “Before we had this unit, we often had to cancel sessions because the room would just get too hot. The Panasonic unit has been amazing, being able to just click a button and feel the effects immediately has helped the business so much.”

The owner of the residential gym garden room, which had the Etherea Inverter+ in silver, said: “We love the addition of the cloud controls, which means we can remotely control the unit. We could really get ahead of the heat during the heat waves, the unit was crucial in keeping the room useable! Plus, its sleek design sits in the space so well; it’s a stylish addition to the room!”

The compact FZ units are designed for stress-free installation and maintenance, while the Etherea unit, with a width of just 779mm, boasts the highest energy ranking of A+++ in heating and cooling. 

The Panasonic units come with nanoe X technology built-in as standard; a unique and proven technology to help improve air hygiene by preventing transmission of airborne pathogens, to create a safer and healthier indoor environment. nanoe™X works independently from the heating and cooling operation when the unit is in fan mode. 

The addition of the Panasonic AC Smart Cloud, a remote monitoring system, allows complete control of the unit for users and installers. Users can remotely access all the functions to control the unit, while installers can remotely maintain the system, shortening response times and increasing customer satisfaction. 

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