IAQ: the workplace challenge


15 December 2021

Haier Europe managing director Bob Cowlard explains how the UVC Generator can improve air quality in the workplace. 

Ensuring high indoor air quality in the workplace has never been more important. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us how having the right equipment to maintain these standards can make a real difference.

The return to work has been slow. Many are still working from home and some are reluctant to return to the office or their normal workplace environment as they’ve grown used to the flexibility of being at home.

But employees are returning to their offices and as this happens the awareness of the importance of air quality has grown. For those still at home and looking to enjoy the benefits of comfort cooling and heating, air quality must also be a key factor in their choice of systems.

Ensuring the workplace is ready for the return of employees is a must. Employing state of the art technology, Haier’s low noise air conditioning systems are easy to install and deliver maximum reliability and comfort. This includes premium features such as Wi-Fi as standard and Haier’s new UVC module.

Independent laboratory tests carried out by a leading global research organisation have revealed that Haier’s UVC generator can help inhibit Covid-19 particles by 99.998%. 

Self-clean technology

Installed near the air inlet, the UVC generator inhibits airborne hazards when air passes through the area exposed to the UVC rays. Haier’s UVC Generator also sterilises the interior of the indoor unit in standby mode. 

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UVC (Ultraviolet C), a type of UV ray, with a wavelength on the spectrum ranging from 200-280nm, has been widely used for disinfection in people’s everyday life. It works by damaging the structure of the microorganism leaving it unable to perform vital cellular functions. 

Haier’s Flexis and the new range of Pearl air conditioning units benefits from the UVC generator. Flexis and Pearl are both perfect solution for mono-split or multi-system heating and cooling. Their healthy air functions, coupled with the standard Wi-Fi which connects to the Haier hOn app, ensures that these products match our company mantra of Smart Healthy Air. 

Self-clean technology also improves the air quality in the room and kills bacteria. Dirt on the evaporator can compromise room air quality. The self-clean technology freezes the evaporator surface with moisture in the air and removes dirt with rapid melting. Steri-Clean adds an additional layer of protection. This clever function delivers a sterilisation effect by heating the evaporator to 56°C for 30 minutes and kills bacteria and viruses. 

The in-built Wi-Fi module is fully compatible with Haier’s new hOn app. This gives the user complete control and the ability to operate the system from their smartphone or tablet allowing them the full range of control from temperature selection, performance data and even error codes. The app can also respond to voice commands as it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. 

Ready for 2022, Haier has already extended the UV function and Wi-Fi standard the with hOn app to our light commercial products such as the ducted units. This will enable installers to offer greater functionality to a wider spectrum of applications.  

Maintaining high standards of indoor air quality has never been more important as we look to emerge from the pandemic healthier and stronger. When choosing the right air conditioning system Haier’s UVC Generator is a key component in meeting the indoor air quality challenge. 

Haier Europe