CIAT and Toshiba combine for hotel upgrade


07 December 2021
Reception at the Radisson RED Heathrow

Radisson RED London Heathrow and Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre London Heathrow, the largest hotel at the airport, have been equipped with high-performance CIAT and Toshiba HVAC technology as part of a major refurbishment. The solution was provided by Toshiba Carrier UK (TCUK).

The recently rebranded four-star hotel has an indoor swimming pool, a spa with sauna and jacuzzi, a restaurant, lounge and bar, and spacious conference facilities that can accommodate more than 800 delegates, all now served by a  CIAT Floway 5000 air handling unit (AHU).

The Floway AHU is equipped with a counter-flow plate exchanger that manages airtight air flows between fresh and extracted air. This recovers up to 80% of the energy that would otherwise be lost from the building via exhaust air, transferring it to incoming fresh air to temper it, boosting efficiency and further enhancing occupant comfort.

The new system serves the hotel's bar and restaurant

“Maintaining a high-quality indoor environment at all times is vital to ensure the comfort of guests and deliver the best experience, whatever the season,” said Simon Pearson, Radisson Hotel Group’s area chief engineer, UK and Ireland. “The air conditioning refurbishment project at Heathrow is part of our ongoing programme of maintenance and improvement, designed to deliver the highest standards possible across our estate of leading hotels. We have worked closely with Toshiba Carrier for several years, and trust them to provide efficient, reliable solutions that help deliver an outstanding experience for our customers.”

By minimising leakage from the system, CIAT Floway units achieve Eurovent’s top air-tightness rating, L1, and deliver a 60% improvement on leakage rates for lower-rated L2 rated systems, which covers the majority of air handling unit systems available.

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CIAT’s Floway is equipped with a counter-flow plate exchanger that manages airtight air flows between fresh and extracted air

Floway AHUs come equipped with an intelligent electronic control unit that automatically optimises system performance and enables plug-and-play operation, allowing quick and easy installation, set-up and servicing.

The CIAT AHU is paired with a high-efficiency Toshiba DX outdoor condensing unit and heat recovery ventilation system, while two Toshiba SMMS-e VRF systems deliver cooling and heating via 11 ducted indoor units with concealed diffusers. Completing the system are two Toshiba Carrier UK DX-powered door curtains over the building's main entrance, providing a thermal barrier to minimise energy loss from frequent door opening.

CIAT Floway