ACRIB and the IOR


15 December 2021

Mike Creamer FInstR, chair of ACRIB and president of the IOR, explains how the two organisations work together.


The Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB) represents the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) industries on national issues, by providing a central forum for associated trade associations and professional bodies. In this article, I am introducing the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR).

The IOR is a founder member of ACRIB and holds the current chair, this responsibility rotating between member organisations every two years. IOR members contribute to ACRIB through membership of its Skills & Training and the Technical / F-Gas committees.


Officially known as the Institute of Refrigeration, our wonderful Institute is usually referred to as the IOR, as it also represents and supports the huge air conditioning sector and the ever-growing heat pump industry. Similarly, ACRIB changed its name some years ago, having originally been formed as the Refrigeration Industry Board (RIB).
The IOR is a professional Institute and as an Engineering Council Affiliate, represents around 2500 individuals working in different RACHP roles.

Technical documentation and GPGs

Our IOR offers a huge array of technical documentation on its website to support manufacturers, contractors, and our industry technicians, providing them with access to excellent technical and safety-related content. Numerous technical papers are available and the IOR also issues regular good practice guides (GPGs). This information is available to members free of charge but is also made available to non-members for a small fee.    

I am very pleased to be contributing elements of my Masterclass – Air Conditioning Technology Series for republishing by the IOR for members and for our industry.

The Institute also provides professional development services, e-learning on low GWP alternatives and refrigerant leakage reduction, guidance on education matters, informative webinars and talks, and also delivers an annual conference, next year’s important theme being The Journey to Net Zero.

Technical committees and working groups

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Many of our valued men and women members are voluntary contributors to the IOR committees and working groups. Their work represents a huge personal contribution and is very much appreciated by the entire membership, who are able to benefit from their enthusiasm and tremendous efforts. I should like to thank them all personally. 
IOR experts offer guidance on areas such as EN378 Safety Standards, Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations, DSEAR and refrigerant leakage reduction.

IOR key objectives

In addition to its numerous activities, the IOR is enthusiastically pursuing the following key objectives:

  1. Leadership in setting education standards. Providing EngTech Apprenticeship support and guidance, technician skills and training, the promotion of successful apprentices and helping colleges and trainers to update and improve their skills.
  2. Promoting our industry to schools and young people. Encouraging IOR members as Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) ambassadors to schools, providing industry presence at education events and RACHP resources for school visits.
  3. Setting the environmental agenda for our sector to achieve net zero. The development of a “Path to Net Zero” road map to guide end users and encourage appropriate government policy with the objective of reducing RACHP energy consumption and CO2 emissions. (
  4. Supporting students, technicians and young people. Encouraging members to volunteer as mentors to those new to the industry

Charity status

The IOR is a Registered Charity and is wholly committed to providing a wide range of services and information for the public good to further the development of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. 

Encouraging diversity in RACHP

The IOR is a fervent supporter of diversity in our industry and has an active Women in RACHP network group.
The IOR Board of Trustees consists of 8 members, 5 men and 3 women, and I am pleased to say that two of the IOR Trustees, Lisa-Jayne Cook and Jacinta Caden, are also directors / members of the ACRIB Board, supporting me as current chairman.  

I am a very keen supporter of the significant contribution that women make to our industry, and I’m pleased to say that my own company has a precise 50/50 ratio of men and woman, both in terms of staff and its directors.

IOR membership

The IOR was originally formed in 1899 and I am proud to have been a member since 1984!  I have found my membership to have been invaluable over these 37 years and I wholeheartedly encourage all in the RACHP industries to join the IOR, not only for your own benefit, but for the good of the entire industry and of crucial importance, our environment.

Membership is open to all, with various grades ranging from full Member (MInstR) or Fellow (FInstR), for experienced senior personnel, to Associate or Student for those new to the industry, and Technician for those in field-based roles. We also have members who are teachers, researchers, journal publisher/editors and international associates.

So, I cordially invite you to join the IOR and become a recognised supporter of the Institute and our wonderful industry!