​Air conditioning rates highly among home buyers


15 August 2017
Air conditioning has been named one of the UK’s most desired property features, according to figures from property website sellingup.com.

In a consumer survey of more than 2000 people, 57% said that air conditioning fitted in living and sleeping spaces would make a property more desirable, with just 7% saying otherwise.
Brits have become accustomed to air conditioning at work, in their cars, while shopping and on holiday
Air conditioning has not, historically, been a major consideration for UK residents, but a wealth of evidence suggests this is set to change. Research from the University of California suggests that 700 million air conditioning units will be installed worldwide by 2030, rising to 1.6 billion by 2050, with the UK playing a significant role in this uptake.

Brits have become accustomed to air conditioning at work, in their cars, whilst shopping and, of course, while on holiday, so it’s no surprise many are taken with the idea of temperature control at home, too. However, there are a number of other factors pushing its popularity.

Temperatures are rising around the globe, and the UK is no exception. According to the Met Office, the UK can expect increasingly milder winters and warmer summers for the next five years, with heatwaves becoming the norm across Europe by the 2040s. Consumers will no doubt turn to domestic air conditioning, particularly in sleeping areas, for the relief from stifling weather that open windows and desk fans can’t achieve.

Foreign buyers
The influx of foreign property buyers to the UK will also play a part in the increasing popularity of air conditioning. The number of overseas buyers looking for a home in the UK has jumped since Brexit, with the pound’s fall against the dollar sparking a surge of interest because of the discounts on offer. Air conditioning is a feature which comes as standard in most other western and developed countries, and is therefore likely to be a consideration for overseas purchasers when it comes to renovations and investments.

Weather patterns and economy aside, however, the UK’s uptake in air conditioning can also be attributed to a growing national interest in home environment.

More onus than ever before has been put on interior design and smart technology, and as the survey indicates, top-line features such as underfloor heating and remotely-controlled curtains and blinds rate highly with would-be buyers (with 65% and 36% respectively claiming they make a property more desirable). Such features make a home more comfortable without intruding on often carefully-considered aesthetics and design, a benefit also offered by air conditioning.
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