GPS Air course approved by CIBSE


12 July 2022

CIBSE has approved a course offered by GPS Air, Needlepoint Bipolar Ionisation as an advanced IAQ solution, for continuing professional development (CPD) credit. 

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionisation (NBPITM) is a patented, low energy, soft ionisation technology that works in conjunction with HVAC systems as part of a multi-layered solution to improve indoor air quality. NPBI creates and releases ions into the airstream.  When these ions disperse throughout a space, they seek out and form bonds with airborne particles including dust, dander, smoke as well as certain viruses and bacteria.  Particles begin to cluster together and are thus easier to filter out of the air. 

NPBI has been installed in more than 250,000 locations, including offices, research labs, schools, universities, health care facilities and airports, since GPS was founded in 2008.

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