Non-Domestic Air Source ​Project of the Year 2017

Published: 09 December 2019

Non-Domestic Air Source ​Project of the Year 2017

Winners: Cool-Therm - Number 5, North Colonnade, Canary Wharf

This innovative replacement cooling and heating project in Canary Wharf has dramatically reduced building running costs and carbon emissions, while providing outstanding indoor comfort for occupants.

Energy costs have been reduced by some £255,027 a year, amounting to nearly £5,000 per week. These savings will continue to accrue over the anticipated 10 to 15 year operational life of the plant, delivering total lifetime savings of between £2.55m and £3.8m.

Designed and installed by Cool-­‐Therm in collaboration with Gratte Brothers and WSP London, the replacement system is based on all-­fresh air heating and cooling. This is supplied by high performance Air Handling Units (AHUs), with a combination of water-­ to-­air heat pumps and dx cooling.

Key to its efficiency is the harnessing of energy from condensing water from the cooling system for use in heating the building.

In addition, each of the 42 loops was carefully modelled and nested in the trenches to ensure cold flows did not cross with warm returns and impact the system’s efficiency.

Highly Commended: Viessmann and Matrix Energy Systems - Concord College Internationalk

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  • Klima-Therm - Kingston College Creative Industries Building
  • ESP Energy - Commercial to domestic conversion
  • GDC Group - Ability Projects heating and cooling system