Heat Pump Product of the Year 2017

Published: 01 December 2017

Heat Pump Product of the Year 2017

Winners: Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan QUHZ Air Source Heat Pump

The Ecodan QUHZ air source heat pump is engineered to match the different heating and hot water requirements of new-build homes. The MCS-Approved unit uses CO2 as a refrigerant to ensure a large Delta T between flow and return temperatures and deliver the high levels of efficiency needed to meet the demands of today’s well insulated new houses.

The unit delivers water at 70ºC to a packaged 200 litre thermal store. From this thermal store, mains water is heated directly up to 65ºC via Mitsubishi Electric’s unique plate heat exchanger, meaning the homeowner receives hot water on demand.

Unlike other Ecodan models in the range, this unit uses CO2 as a refrigerant to ensure a large delta T between the flow and return temperatures to and from the outdoor unit, and this delivers the high levels of efficiency necessary to meet the high hot water, low heating demands of today’s new-build properties.

This takes the heat pump industry directly into a sector which has previously been dominated by gas.

Highly Commended: Star Renewable Energy - Water Source Heat Pump

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  • Star Renewable Energy - Air Source Heat Pump
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