Heat Pump Installer of the Year 2017

Published: 01 December 2017

Heat Pump Installer of the Year 2017

Winners: Ground Heat Installations

David Thompson, Managing Director and owner of Ground Heat, began working in the plumbing and heating industry as an apprentice in 1980.

In 2003, as Installations Manager at a plumbing and heating firm in Horwich, Bolton, he came across his first GSHP and never looked back.

His passion took him the length and the breadth of the country just to have the opportunity to install ground source heat pumps, as there were very few customers willing to take a risk with the new technology in the UK.

He began installing small domestic units and then moved on to large-scale commercial work in social housing units.

His most recent designs include installing 56 individual ground source heat pumps into a social housing unit in Bromley operated by a communal ground array and a unique riser design and the installation of an energy blade into a river in Clitheroe to run ground source heating.

Highly Commended: Finn Geotherm

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