Domestic Ground Source ​Project of the Year 2017

Published: 01 December 2017

Domestic Ground Source ​Project of the Year 2017

Winners: Finn Geotherm - Weybourne Milly

The brief was to provide low maintenance heating and hot water for a picturesque 18th Century tower windmill used as a family home.

One of the key factors in the brief was to install a ground source system which needed little intervention from the homeowner. For Mrs Martin, who is in her 80s, the heating and hot water needed to virtually run itself. The building’s 18th Century structure provided many heating challenges. The existing oil boiler system was unable to deliver adequate heat throughout.

The entire system was designed and installed without impacting the aesthetic appearance of this truly remarkable home. The ground source heat pumps were installed within the existing oil tank storage space and 2,000 metres of collector loop were meticulously laid within six inch wide trenches at a depth of 1.2 metres within a field adjacent to the house. Primary trenches were carefully taken through the hedging and across the lawn, to leave virtually no trace after the installation was completed.

Highly Commended: Ground Heat Installations - Domestic river source

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  • GEartheat - Heating, hot water and passive cooling project
  • Be Green - Lighthorne sustainable homes
  • Kensa Heat Pumps and Ground Sun - Wanstead eco-friendly home
  • Viessmann and Matrix Energy System - Cloughton Fields Farm​