ACR Product of the Year 2017​

Published: 01 December 2017

ACR Product of the Year 2017​

Winners: Samsung Electronics UK and Irl - Samsung 360

The new Samsung 360 Cassette is a world-first circular air conditioning unit with omnidirectional flow discharge.

In order to create this circular cassette, Samsung had to overcome the restrictions associated with oscillating louver blades used in traditional four-way cassettes – impossible to fit into a circular unit.

​In order to overcome this, Samsung developed a patented ‘negative pressure solution’. Using three mini booster fans, a negative pressure is formed on the upper side of the cassette, deflecting the air upwards. Speeding up and slowing down these fans oscillates the air in the same motion as would be created by a louver blade.

This lack of physical frictional blades increases the efficiency of the system and achieves a 0° discharge angle, allowing the air to pass along the ceiling and avoid cold draughts.

Highly Commended: Mitsubishi Electric - eCity Multi Hybrid VRF

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  • Aspen Pumps - Micro-v i4 Pump
  • Hydro WMS/Matrix Energy Systems/Carb Hydro Therm
  • Honeywell - Solstice ze and Solstice zd
  • Toshiba Air Conditioning - SHRM-e three pipe Heat Recovery VRF System
  • Climaveneta - Climaveneta TX-W
  • Daikin UK - Daikin VRV IV -series